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Halloween 1978 Michael Myers mask HMK/AHG conversion


  1. I don’t like this mask. I’m a sucker for perfect looking masks to replicate
    the movie. And your new shat is totally amazing. That’s the ONE. you’ll
    never need another now you have that. 

  2. It looks exactly from the one from the original Halloween. That’s an
    amazing mask

  3. Beautiful!

  4. gastoniatraindude18

    thanks a lot man where do i find the specs. i order me one from tots
    website. I figure better quality, I did order mine from party city for $45
    but the hair line at the front top of the mask kept falling out.

  5. check my mask out

  6. Just type something like : castle stretch myers behind the scene on google
    and check out the pictures, you should see the gap in the mouth. The Hero
    mask didn’t have holes in the ears.

  7. Thats a very nice mask you have, AHG does some fantastic work. But whats
    with the Krueger sweater?

  8. Awesome mask love MM, Michael Myers needs to kill 2 people

  9. gastoniatraindude18

    Okay Do you know a website where I can see the behind the scenes pictures?
    On the movie you can’t tell there is a gap in them. Do you know if they
    have holes in the ears as well?

  10. Чувак, ты русский?

  11. The person who disliked this has clearly never seen Halloween lol. Awesome
    mask. AHG rules!: D

  12. gastoniatraindude18

    These mask are great. i just don’t want the one with the gap in the mouth.
    Te one in the movies doesn’t have it.

  13. ” my impression of Michael Myers deciding what to order at subway…”

  14. jealousy is a cruel mistress my good man ! HMK was made using original 1975
    kirk, same nose, mouth, forehead and ears as the Hero. Come on buddy, grow
    up :)

  15. gastoniatraindude18

    Thanks, it is just hard to see the holes in the ears in the movies

  16. It did have a gap. Check out some behind the scenes pictures,you can
    clearly see the gap.

  17. That’s a great mask, I like it!

  18. This is exactly what they used for their movie, converted Captain Kirk
    mask. Nice!

  19. The fact that the hero mask had a mouth slit and ear holes should as much
    of a well-known fact as the original mask was a Kirk.

  20. I would love to buy this off of you if at all possible :)

  21. great mask kind of looks like u are wearing a freddy sweater

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