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Halloween 2 (2009) Michael Myers Mask Psychopath2


  1. Wow wait a sec, why can I see his eyes at 2:53…that’s frickin weird

  2. where did u get this?

  3. Btw…this myers is the best I saw till now. I´m fuckin diggin it for
    100%.. Would love to have one like this in my collection. Maybe when I got
    ALL sk replica and original masks together in the quality I want them I
    will start to collect horror stuff as well. Time will show ;)

  4. @creepingdeath171 I never said it was bad fuck tard look at my channel and
    see the vid and think before you talk next time prick.

  5. you should take better care of the mask. LOL

  6. did you rehair it

  7. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 747

    was it bye scott?

  8. it looks like its smiling when u turn to the side

  9. question the hair on the mask is that the hair that came with it or did you
    get it re-haired?

  10. Nice mask, but the question is: ”Have you sacrificed anyone yet for
    Michael Myers” ;>?

  11. This mask is sick…did you add more details to it?..i gota make one for
    this holween

  12. TheAwesomeGamers123

    great job thats beast

  13. may i ask where do you get this mask

  14. I assume the longer hair in the back is your actual hair? Looks like a
    great mask.

  15. Hey Bro. Did you got my last email and maybe already your “huge” package?
    If so please reply to my mail Mike :)

  16. Great video, great mask and great music. Thanks for upload

  17. Thats a quality mask you have there dude! shame the movie it’s from sucked
    donkey nuts!

  18. @KiLLeRClowN try adding a bit dark color under your eyes. great video

  19. fucking amazing mask!!

  20. @tom4705 who cares stfu its still a badass mask if yours is so good lets
    see it

  21. mine is better.

  22. @tom4705 i never said you said it was bad so before you jump the gun and
    tell me to think before i talk you should do the same

  23. thats a realy nice mask man

  24. I liked the mask from the first one a little better.

  25. 2:53 the eyes move! they open!!!

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