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Halloween Costume Choices for Girls


  1. This is particularly ridiculous as nearly 60% of medical students currently
    training in the UK are women. In 30 years or so there will be more female
    doctors than male. Hey, the 1950s called. They want their stereotypes back.

  2. legionaire Oblivion

    Its supply and demand.
    Also the dokter one seemed aimed at both genders.
    Also if its advertised for boys does not mean girls can’t wear it, why does
    there have to be a police/firefighter costume just for girls while both can
    wear the costumes that already out there.
    You only seem to have issue with packaging and advertising, while you make
    it out to be there is non.

  3. ….seriously?? halloween costumes, for babies? why don’t you address REAL

  4. So you could make a killing by making those costumes yourselves and selling
    them like hotcakes!
    Which would be odd, cause hotcakes are not so poular nowadays.

  5. Of course you can but the boys’ costumes for little girls. Just as you can
    buy girls’ costumes for boys. That’s not the point. The problem is that
    those costumes are marketed towards boys, because police officers, fire
    fighters, astronauts or doctors are considered to be “men’s professions.”
    Perhaps the reason why we have less women in these professions is because
    they are discouraged from a very young age, and those costumes just add to

    On the other hand, Someone Super Cool mentioned that women should stop
    buying sexy costumes then, to force the companies to stop making them. But
    why? Why can’t there be both? What’s wrong with women dressing in sexy
    costumes for halloween? Personally, I enjoy wearing a sexy costume
    sometimes. I don’t wear them for men to notice me or because I’m a slut. I
    like them because I feel sexy and comfortable in my body.

    Right now, it seems like there is no win-win situation for women on
    halloween. If they prefer a costume that’s not very revealing, it’s
    extremely hard to find something. If they do choose from the thousands of
    sexy costumes available to them, they will be branded a slut, because if
    you wear a short skirt, you must be a slut, right?

  6. This is why I go as Satan every year.
    Long black robe, devil mask.
    A group of boys dressed as mafia members I kept running into thought I was
    a dude the whole time.

  7. I agree with that Someone Super Cool dude. He’s totally correct. And I’m a
    girl saying this. 

  8. Someone Super Cool, I agree with you. At the same time, you can’t partly
    just blame the women on this. I get it. Let’s put someone to blame besides
    the company. Really, it’s everyone fault. 

  9. 0:39 Doctor costume is not gender specific.

  10. You can find all those stuff for both genders in Sweden! :D

  11. Just buy the fucking boy costume fucking hypocrite

  12. Someone Super Cool

    Here’s an idea. If woman and girls stopped buying sexy costumes all
    together and bought the other genders instead, companies would be forced to
    stop producing them. It’s also partly the woman’s fault. After all,
    companies are only after our money. Quit encouraging them to produce more
    sexy costumes.

  13. No harm in buying the “boy’s” costume despite being a girl, right? O.O

  14. It would be helpful to post the link to the website so that we can check it

  15. SanGabrielValleyNOW

    * Sign the petition to tell Spirit Halloween to STOP sexualizing children
    and STOP marketing sexy kids costumes: go to change.org and search for
    “spirit halloween”

  16. Well, Halloween is just 1 night of the year.

  17. xWithEyesLikeSunsets

    The fact that being a police officer is considered “masculine” is the
    problem ..

  18. SanGabrielValleyNOW

    Thank you, Miss Representation, and the wonderful intern, Leah Debber, for
    producing this amazing video that exposes Spirit Halloween ! Sexy
    children’s fishnet stockings???!!! Horrible ! Spirit Halloween is marketing
    children as SEX OBJECTS, which is an outrage. For examples of the
    sexualized children’s costumes that Spirit Halloween is marketing for kids,
    go to sgvnowproject.weebly.com

  19. I don’t consider femininity as dis empowering, though. They seen to define
    female empowerment as being able to take on masculine roles. Does that mean
    men have to take on feminine roles to be empowered?

  20. I would have just bought her the “boys” costume. Does it say “penis
    required” on the label? No? Then it’s fine. I have a baby girl too and I
    will teach her that “girls” stuff and “boys” stuff is just names, it
    doesn’t mean anything and she can wear whatever and play with whatever.

  21. that’s truly interesting! Now that I think about it the only costumes I
    ever see are “sexy” ones and girls/ women are expected to be able to be
    sexy on halloween while a guys costume can be funny, scary, or even boring
    if they choose. I know women also have a choice but it’s defiantly

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